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Daniel Di Grado

Represented by Susanna Rönn & Pontus Rönn
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Dir: Daniel Di Grado
Prod: Yellowbird

Jordskott II
Dir: Daniel Di Grado
Prod: Palladium Fiction

Dir: Daniel Di Grado


Bio / Resumé

Daniel di Grado grew up in Stockholm with an Italian father and Swedish mother. Ever since childhood he has been a hard-core movie fan, especially themes that touch horror and the fantastical. Daniel started his career as assistant director and debuted as a director in 2004 with the TV-series THE ROOFTERS. Since then Daniel has directed several TV-series for Swedish National TV, Chanel 5 and Chanel 4 aswell as the TV-film ROSES, KISSES AND DEATH. In 2015 Daniel debuted as a feature film director with ALENA, which premiered at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. Based on Kim W. Andersson’s award winning comic, Alena has since toured the world and been sold to United States, among other countries. Besides his work in film and TV Daniel has directed several musical promos and commercials. Daniel is also one of the owner’s of the production company Silvio Entertainment.

2015 – ALENA /Silvio Entertainment. (also co.writer)
2013 – Roses, Kisses and Death, TV movie/Pampas/TV4.

2016 – First Like, short/Silvio Entertainement (producer; not director)
2005 – A Winter’s Tale, short/DdG Prod/Mogey.

2018 – HIDDEN, /Yellowbird
2017 – JORDSKOTT II, /Palladium Fiction/SVT.
2017 – FARANG, /Warner./CMore/TV4.
2009 – Presumed Innocent, /Filmlance/TV4
2008 – Höök, /BobFilm/SVT.
2008 – Worst Friends, /SVT Drama,
2007 – Wreck-hunters, TV documentary series/DeepSea Prod/SVT.
2006 – Hombres, /Jarowskij/Chanel 5.
2006 – Book of Worlds, /Tre Vänner/SVT.
2004 – The Roofter’s, /SF/SVT.
2004 – Allram’s Christmas Calendar, /SF/SVT.

Daniel Di Grado