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H&M Kids
Dir: Christian Larsson
Prod: Indio

Skoda Vision E 2017
Dir: Matej Samal
Prod: Armada films

Dir: Andreas Sjödin

Para Knas
Dir: Nikeisha Andersson
Prod: Filmlance International

H&M - The Road Trip
Dir: Fredrik Bond
Prod: Sonny London

Dir: Matej Samal
Prod: Armada films

H&M Denim 2017
Dir: Charlotte Wales
Prod: KF Production

Dir: The Perlorian Brothers
Prod: MJZ

Dir: Stian Smestad
Prod: One Big Happy Family

H&M - I, Beckham
Dir: Fredrik Bond
Prod: Sonny London

Dir: Simon Ladefoged
Prod: Camp David

Dir: Tobias Granström
Prod: Acne

Dir: Jakob Marky
Agency: Bacon

Charlie Countryman
Dir: Fredrik Bond
Prod: MediaPro Pictures

H&M - Fall 2013
Dir: Amir Chamdin
Prod: Strange Cargo

Dir: Enrettet
Prod: Acne

Dir: Johan Renck

Edge of Tomorrow
Dir: Doug Liman
Prod: Warner Bros

Runner Runner
Dir: Brad Furman
Prod: Regency Enterprises

Revenge of the Green Dragons
Dir: Wai-Keung Lau
Prod: 7th Floor


Bio / Resumé

Malcolm Pardon and Fredrik Rinman are DeadMono. The pair are childhood friends and have worked together in different constellations for many years, as bandmembers, songwriters and producers. During the early 2000 ́s they were part of Murlyn Songs where they produced and wrote songs for artists like: Lisa Miskovsky, Eskobar, Kelly Clarkson, Infinite Mass, Stakka Bo and Joey Tempest to name a few.

The duo started composing for TV and commercials about a decade ago and now they have more than 100 productions under their belt with brands like H&M, Lexus and Jaegermeister. Recently they’ve been collaborating with composer Christophe Beck with whom they composed the score for the motion picture “Charlie Countryman”. Pardon & Rinman also made additional music for the Hollywood productions “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Runner Runner” and “Revenge of the Green Dragons”.

Pardon is also a member of the band Roll the Dice that has released three albums on the British label Leaf.
Roll the Dice has composed parts of the score and the end credit theme for Johan Renck ́s TV series ”The Last Panthers” which airs throughout Europe during november 2015.


2014 – Revenge of the dragons (additional music), Dir: Wai-Keung Lau, Andrew Loo, Prod: 7th Floor
2014 – Edge of Tomorrow (additional music), Dir: Doug Liman, Prod: Warner Bros
2013 – Charlie Countryman, Dir: Fredrik Bond, MediaPro Pictures
2013 – Runner Runner (additional music), Dir: Brad Furman, Prod: Regency Enterprises


2015 – The Last Panthers, Dir: Johan Renck, Prod: Warp Films


2010 – House keeping, Dir: Johan Renck, Prod: 24seven Productions


H&M, Jaguar, Philips, BMW, Carlsberg, Lexus, Armani, Toyota, Ikea, Baccarat, Oriflame, Geox, Smart, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Statoil, Tele2,