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Erika Calmeyer

Represented by Susanna Rönn
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Dir: Erika Calmeyer
Prod: Barbosa Film

The White Birch - The Weight of Spring


Bio / Resumé

Erika Calmeyer, born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Studied at Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne Australia and after that Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Norwegian Film School, directing programme, from which she graduated in 2014. She gained a lot of recognition for her graduation film Lea which travelled around festivals and also rendered her Nordic talent award for the feature film Storm, that is to be filmed in 2020. Erika is also a writer and has apart from directing also written and created most projects she has been involved in. Erika also enjoys working alongside other directors and has a number of second units experience and to name a recent production with Erik Richter Strand, whom she worked with on the acclaimed series Valkyrien, is Bristish TV-series Behind her eyes for Netflix.


2020 Storm (Feature Film in development)

2019 TWIN (TV-series)
Director 4 episodes
Writer 2 episodes

2019 NUDES (TV Series)
Creator / writer / director

2017 Weight of Spring (short film)
Writer and director

2016 Hated on the internet (short documentary)

2016 Valkyrien (TV-series)
Directors assistant and 2nd unit director

2015 Mystery on the Summer Boat (TV-series)
Director 5 episodes

2014 LEA (shortfilm)

Best Music Videos of 2018, VIMEO
Critics Choice Award, Les Infantes Terribles
Nordic Talents
Best Film, Best Director and Audience Choice Award, The Amandus Festival

2019 The Norwegian Film Festival
2019 Series Mania
2018 Nordic Panorama
2018 The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad 2018 Oslo Pix
2015 Les Infantes Terribles
Lubeck International Film Festival
2014 Next Nordic Generation, Haugesund Film Festival 2009 The Amandus Festival
2008 The Amandus Festival

Erika Calmeyer