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Jakob Marky

Represented by Susanna Rönn
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Jakob Márky, half Swedish, half Hungarian, born and raised in Gothenburg. Went to filmschool in Sydney, Australia. Has since directed very many commercials and music videos. Winner of the Ingmar Bergman Award for best screen play for “Fuga”. The prize allowed him to spend time writing in the old masters writers den, realizing that von Triers theory about the master is probably very accurate. Father of two, avid tennis player and currently in development for the scripts “Motherland” and “The Lions Den”.



2010 “Seehof” Short film Gothenburg Film festival

2014 “Fuga” Short film Gothenburg Film festival

2016 “Nattesferd” Short film /Music Video “VOTD of the month”



2012 Ingmar Bergman Award Best Screenplay “Fuga”

Jakob Marky