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Jocke Åhlund

Represented by Susanna Rönn & Klaara Malmberg
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H&M Autumn 2015
Dir: Mikael Marcimain
Prod: B-Reel

Ikano Bank
Dir: Tarik Saleh
Prod: Indio

Petite Meller - Baby Love
Dir: A.T.Mann & Napoleon Habeica

Daniel Wellington
Dir: Studio Frankenstein
Prod: Studio Frankenstein

MQ - Selected Weekend Essentials
Dir: Pontus Frankenstein
Prod: Frankenstein Studio

Dir: Daniel Askill
Prod: Radical Media

Dir: Christoffer von Reis
Prod: Von Film

Stadium - 2012
Dir: Pontus Frankenstein
Prod: Frankenstein Studio

JC - Jeans for all
Dir: Axel Lindahl
Prod: Frankenstein Studio

Peugeot 208
Dir: Rory Kelleher
Prod: QUAD

Dir: Jonas Åkerlund
Prod: RSA Films



Bio / Resumé

Jocke Åhlund started his career as a bassist and songwriter for the band Teddybears together with his brother Klas Åhlund and Patrik Arve. They gained international success with their forth album ”Fresh” and many of their songs have been used in movies and tv-series such as Breaking Bad, Entourage, House and Grey’s Anatomy.

As a songwriter, producer and singer he’s been working with numerous international artists like Robyn, Petite Meller, Giorgio Moroder, Charli XCX, Sia and Cee Lo. He also co-wrote and produced Cheryl Cole’s hit ‘I Don’t Care’ which made #1 in UK.

Jocke has a special interest in film and has directed numerous music videos and commercials which gives him a unique understanding when composing music for film. Apart from composing for film he produces and writes material for other artists, such as Håkan Hellström aswell as for his own bands Teddybears, Ceasars and Les Big Byrd.

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2020 – Håkan Hellström, Rampljus
2016 – Teddybears, Rock On / Deg in the Lake
2016 – Petite Meller, Lil Empire / Island Records
2015 – Les Big Byrd, Liquid Sky (EP) / Höga Nord
2014 – Chrissie Hynde, Stockholm / Ingrid
2014 – Les Big Byrd, They worshipped cats / ‘a’ Records
2014 – Les Big Byrd, Back to Bagarmossen / PNKSLM Recordings
2011 – Les Big Byrd, Les Big Byrd / Parlophone
2010 – Teddybears, Devil’s Music / Deg in the Lake
2010 – Håkan Hellström, 2 steg från Paradise / Universal Music
2008 – Caesars, Strawberry weed / Parlophone
2008 – Håkan Hellström, För sent för Edelweiss / Woah Dad/Telegram Music
2006 – Teddybears, Soft Machine / Sony BMG Music
2005 – Caesars, Papers Tigers / Parlophone
2004 – Teddybears, Fresh / Sony Music
2003 – Caesars, 39 minutes of Bliss / Parlophone
2002 – Caesars, Love for the Streets / Parlophone
2002 – Caesars, Cherry Kicks / Parlophone
2000 – Teddybears, Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool / Sony Music
1998 – Caesars, Youth Is Wasted on the Young/ Parlophone
1996 – Teddybears, I Can’t Believe It’s Teddybears STHLM/ MVG
1993 – Teddybears, You Are Teddybears/ MVG


H&M, Ikano Bank, Daniel Wellington, MQ, Cadillac, Audi, Stadium, JC, Peugeot, DELL, Heineken

Mikael Marcimain, Tarik Saleh, Studio Frankenstein, Axel Lindahl, Christofer Von Reiss, Daniel Askill, Rory Kelleher, Jonas Åkerlund

Jocke Åhlund