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John Andreas Andersen

Represented by Susanna Rönn & Pontus Rönn
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Prod: Fante Film


Bio / Resumé

John Andreas Andersen was born 1971 in Flekkefjord, Norway. After winning a national film-competition at 16, he decided to dedicate his life to the filmindustry. He started out as DOP on short-films, music-videos and documentaries and in 1994 got position as camera assistant for world famous DOP Sven Nykvist, ASC (1922-2006) and with Sven’s support John Andreas got into the filmschool AFI in Los Angeles in 1996. Since then John Andreas has worked as DOP on numerous features and commercials and is one of the most sought after and established cinematographers in Scandinavia. 

Directing has also always been a passion for John Andreas and after directing a couple of episodes of acclaimed TV-series “Occupied” aswell as feature film “Kapten Sabeltann” he took on the sequel of hit Norwegian disaster movie “The Wave”  and in August his $6.4m work with “The Quake” (Sjelvet) was released, a breathtaking story that  imagines an earthquake hitting Oslo. Magnolia has already acquired the rights for US.
Winner of several awards; including 4 times “The Kanon Award” for Best Cinematography of the year, and the Kodak Nordic Vision Award for “King of Devils Island”

John Andreas Andersen