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Jonas Struck

Represented by Morgan Röhl
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Dir: Roni Ezra
Prod: Nordisk Film

9. April
Dir: Roni Ezra
Prod: Nordisk Film

Spies & Glistrup - "Guitar Theme"
Dir: Christoffer Boe
Prod: Alphaville

Prag - "The End"
Dir: Ole Christian Madsen
Prod: Nimbus Film

Jonas Struck Showreel

Superclásico - “En tierra”
Dir: Ole Christian Madsen
Prod: Nimbus Film

Ekstra Bladet - Uden for Citat
Dir: Mikala Krogh
Prod: Danish Documentary

Dir: Mette Heeno
Prod: Cosmo Film

Bio / Resumé

Struck’s passion for music goes back to his childhood. Struck grew up in a small town on the island of Falster. He quickly chose music over mopeds and at the age of ten he started his own band, The Silverstars. At the age of fifteen Struck hosted his own radio program at the local radio station dedicated to modern jazz, and the following years he played hundreds of live gigs featuring many genres such as surf music, rock ‘n’ roll etc.

Struck is a graduate from the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. He has worked for more than ten years as a film composer scoring and supervising eight feature films, three national TV-drama series, and a large number of documentaries and short films.

Struck’s inadmissible talent has not only served the Danish film industry. For several years he was part of the hugely successful Danish rock band Swan Lee, with multi-platinum selling albums. Today, when he’s not composing for the movies, Struck is working on his own projects, as well-received Cours Lapin album, released in the UK and France or reinventing modern jazz with Thunderstrucks, nominated for the prestigious Nordic Music Award or the newly released album by Worn Out Sun.

Struck has been nominated for his score in ”Idealisten” in the category Best Electro-Acoustic in the prestigious Möet & Chandon Grand Scores 2016. The soundtrack is also nominated in the category “Best film score” at The Harpa Nordic Film Composer Award and for the Robert Prisen 2016 “Score Of The Year”.


2015 – Idealisten, Dir: Christina Rosendahl / Toolbox
2015 – 9. April, Dir: Roni Ezra / Nordisk Film
2013 – Spies & Glistrup, Dir: Christoffer Boe / Alphaville
2011 – Superclásico, Dir: Ole Christian Madsen / Nimbus Film
2011 – Magi i luften , Dir: Simon Staho / Zentropa Productions
2011 – Sandheden om mænd, Dir: Nikolaj Arcel / Zentropa Productions (Co-composer)
2007 – Towards The Light (1919, Silent film), Dir: Asta Nielsen / Nordisk Film
2006 – Prag, Dir: Ole Christian Madsen / Nimbus Film
2004 – Regel No.1, Dir: Oliver Issing / Zeitgeist Film


2009 – Lærkevej season 2, Dir: Various / Cosmo Film
2009 – Lulu & Leon, Dir: Various / Fine & Mellow
2008 – Lærkevej season 1, Dir: Various / Cosmo Film


2012 – Belinda Beautiful, Dir: Marianne Blicher / Nimbus Film
2012 – Øresund , Dir: Martin Werner / Bacon
2009 – Sol Skin, Dir: Alice De Champfleury / Nimbus Film
2009 – Bobby, Dir: Julie Bille / Nimbus Film
2007 – Manden fra Panama, Dir: Sune Lykke Albinus / Super 16


2014 – Ekstra Bladet – Uden For Citat, Dir: Mikala Krogh / Danish Documentary
2014 – The Man Who Saved The World, Dir: Peter Anthony / Zentropa Productions
2010 – Min smukke datter, Dir: Maya Albana / Monday Film
2004 – Magtens Billeder, Dir: Christina Rosendahl / Tjubang Film
2002 – Stjernekigger, Dir: Christina Rosendahl / Tjubang Film



Jonas Struck