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Ola Fløttum

Represented by Morgan Röhl
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Dir: Joachim Trier
Prod: Motlys

Louder than bombs
Dir: Joachim Trier
Prod: Motlys

Dir: Ruben Östlund
Prod: Plattform

Oslo 31 Augusti
Dir: Joachim Trier
Prod: Motlys

Volvo - Human Made Stories - Erik
Dir: D.A.R.Y.L.
Prod: Pulse Films

The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard
Dir: Simon Klose
Prod: Nonami

British Airways
Dir: D.A.R.Y.L.
Prod: Pulse Films

Dir: Ole Giæver
Prod: 4 1/2 Film

Dir: Joachim Trier
Prod: 4 1/2 Film

I Skuggan av Värmen
Dir: Beata Gårdeler
Prod: Bob Film

Volvo - Human Made Stories - Maria & Josefin
Dir: D.A.R.Y.L.
Prod: Pulse Films

Dir: Ole Giæver
Prod: 4 1/2 Film


Bio / Resumé

Ola Fløttum made his debut as a filmcomposer in 2005, after the Norwegian director Joachim Trier discovered Fløttum´s music through the albums of The White Birch and Portrait of David, and headhunted him for his first feature film “Reprise”. Their collaboration continued, and includes “Oslo August 31st” and Triers last film “Louder Than Bombs”, which participated in the “Palme d´Or” selection in Cannes 2015.  Fløttum also scored Ruben Östlund´s Golden Globe nominated feature film “Force Majeure”.

Fløttum won the music prize “Prix de la Creation Musicale” at Premiers Plans Festival d´Angers in France for Best Soundtrack for the film Reprise in 2007.
He was nominated for “Kanonprisen” in Norway the same year.
Fløttum has also won Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy Award) in 2002 with Salvatore for the album “Tempo”.

Fløttum released his first album in 1996 and has since then released 10 albums with The White Birch, Portrait of David and Salvatore. He has received numerous rave reviews in countries all over the world. With his background as a music artist, Fløttum has become a distinct filmcomposer with a unique signature, working on several highly acclaimed films in Norway and Sweden, films that have been receiving prizes at many important festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Sundance and Toronto.

Fløttum has composed the score music for 9 feature films (5 Norwegian and 4 Swedish) and contributed with music from The White Birch on 6 feature films. He has also scored several short films, documentaries, commercials and written music for theatre.


2017 – Thelma, Dir: Joachim Trier / Motlys
2017 – Oskars Amerika, Dir: Torfinn Iversen / Bob Film
2017 – Helle Nächte, Dir: Thomas Arslan / Schramm Film Koerner & Weber
2015 – Louder Than Bombs, Dir: Joachim Trier / Motlys
2014 – Mot Naturen, Dir: Ole Giæver / Mer Film
2014 – Turist, Ruben Östlund / Plattform Produktion
2013 – Förtroligheten, Dir: William Olsson / Anagram
2011 – Oslo, 31.august, Dir: Joachim Trier / Motlys
2011 – Fjellet, Dir: Ole Giæver / 4 1/2 Film
2009 – I skuggan av värmen, Dir: Beata Gårdeler / Bob Film
2008 – Sommerhuset, Dir: Ole Giæver / 4 1/2 Film
2008 – Reprise, Dir: Joachim Trier / 4 1/2 Film

2009 – Sweet Swan Of Avon, Dir: Jørgen Friberg / AS Videomaker

2011 – Levis hest, Dir: Torfinn Iversen / Orginal Film
2011 – Konsert for Maria, Dir: Torfinn Iversen / Mirage Film
2007 – Interlude, Dir: Katja Eyde Jacobsen / 4 1/2 Film
2004 – Les étrangers, Dir: Eskil Vogt / Femis
2003 – Une étreinte, Dir: Eskil Vogt / Femis

2019 – Jeg Går, Dir: Jørgen Leth
2018 – The Other Munch, Dir: Emil Trier & Joachim Trier / Don’t Look Now
2017 – Skolen, Dir: Sunniva Sundby / Motlys
2017 – Fra Balkongen, Dir: Ole Giæver / Mer Film
2016 – An Insignificant Man, Dir: Khushboo Ranka, Shuka Vinay / Friendly People
2014 – TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard, Dir: Simon Klose / Nonami

Volvo, British Airways

Ola Fløttum