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Störst av Allt/Quicksand
Prod: FLX

Dir: Per-Olav Sørensen

The Heavy Water War / Kampen om tungvattnet
Dir: Per-Olav Sørensen

Dir: Per-Olav Sørensen

Bio / Resumé

Per-Olav Sørensen (f.1963) is on of Scandinavia’s most hardworking directors, with more than 60 theather productions, six tv-series and two feature films on his cv. The much acclaimed and award-winning series «Nobel» and “Kampen om tungvattnet” (The Saboteurs) hit record ratings, international attention and global distribution through Netflix. Prior to these series Per Olav also directed equally appreciated “Halvbroren” (Halfbrother) winning two FIPA Awards and The Silver Bird award in Seoul. “Nobel” won the prestigious Rose d´Or for best drama in the world 2017 and Prix Europe in 2016, and «The Saboteurs» won Prix Italia in 2015 and Special Commendation in Prix Europa same year. Upcoming projects for Sørensen is the first Swedish Netflix original production “Störst av allt” (Quicksand) based on the bestseller by Malin Persson Giolito, and a new series in development for HBO.


2019 – Quicksand, tv-series

2016- Nobel, tv-series

2015- Kampen om tungtvannet, tv-series

2014- Ta meg med, feature film

2013- Halvbroren, tv-series

2011- Mennesker i solen, feature film

2008-2009- Honningfellen, tv-series

2009- Ali Reza and the Rezas, tv-series

2008- Seks som oss


Rose d´Or, Prix Italia, Prix Europa, FIPA Awards, Silver Bird Seoul, and 32 wins and nominations in total for the Golden Screen (Gullruten in Norway) for the series «Nobel», «The Saboteurs» and «The Half Brother».

Per Olav Sørensen