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Rojda Sekersöz

Represented by Susanna Rönn & Pontus Rönn
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Dröm Vidare
Prod: 2A FILM

Bio / Resumé

Born and raised in Stockholm and Dalarna, 27 year old Rojda Sekeröz already has achieved plenty in film. After studies at Swedish dramatic institute Rojda has directed a number of short films
such as Fast (Stuck), Fittbacka-ett jävla ungdomshem, Selvi ska sova and Jungfrufärd (The Voyage). Now Rojda´s first feature film was released in March 2017 and has so far received outstanding reviews. The much acclaimed drama ”Dröm vidare” (Beyond dreams) was nominated at Göteborgs film festival Dragon awards for Best movie, later won the public´s choice for best film aswell as the Angelos award.

2017 Dröm vidare
2015 Fast
2012 Fittbacka- ett jäkla ungdomshem
2011 Selvi ska sova
2010 Jungfrufärd

Rojda Sekersöz