The Talent Group



Sthlm Rekviem has it’s premiere on the Swedish tv-channel tv4 tonight at 9pm.
Make sure to watch it!

Directed by: Karin Fahlen
Production: Sparkfilm

Production design by: Ulrika Von Vegesack

New film for Saudi Air!

Dir: Ed McCulloch
Prod co: Filmworks Dubai

Production design by: Wilda Winclair

Trailer for The Dreamer!

Directed by: Kenneth Karlstad
Production: Frokost film

Shot by: Kristian “Krikri” Engelsen

Bad Times at the El Royale is out in US and UK cinemas today and opening in Scandinavia next week!

Director: Drew Goddard
Production: Twentieth Century Fox

Shot by: Seamus McGarvey, ASC BSC