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Trailer for feature film En del av mitt hjärta!
Swedish cinema release in 2019.

Dir: Edward af Sillén
Prod: Unlimited Stories

Costume design by: Anna Hagert

New film for Comcast.

Directed by: The Malloys
Production by: Superprime

Shot by: Daniel Voldheim, FNF

New film for Red Cross.

Directed by: Mikael Marcimain
Production by: B-Reel

Shot by: Joe Maples

Today feature film Operation Ragnarök is opening in swedish cinemas and will be shown until Christmas!

Directed by: Fredrik Hiller
Production by: Kruthuset

Shot by: Andrés Rignell, FSF

New feature film Swoon (Eld & Lågor).
Will open in cinemas on Valentines Day, 14th of February 2019.

Directed by: Mårlind & Stein

Production by: Atmo Production

Shot by: Aril Wretblad, FSF