The Talent Group



Last Monoprix spot campaign

Shot by: Nico Poulsson

Directed by: Traktor

Produced by: Stink Paris

Shot by: Nico Poulsson

New Trailer for Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

Trailer Maya

Dir: Andree Wallin
Prod: Goodbye Kansas Studios

Grading by: Martin Steinberg

We are happy to welcome Costume Designer Elsa Fischer to The Talent Group.

Exit stage left
Dir: Daniel Skoglund
Prod: ACNE

Costume design by: Elsa Fischer
Production design by: Niklas Lund
Shot by: Gösta Reiland
Production design by: Jovanna Remaeus

New film for Gina Tricot!

Dir: Crille Forsberg
Prod: Special Projects

Shot by: Crille Forsberg