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Kristian Engelsen, FNF

Represented by Marine Melot
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Smerz - Believer

Avenue Ft. Vogue US
Dir: Kristian Engelsen
Prod: G.S.F

Dir: Matt Pain
Prod: Process Films

Nils Bech - Foolish Heart
Dir: Kenneth Karlstad
Prod: Einar Film

Ane Brun - Don't Run and Hide
Dir: Stian Andersen
Prod: Ballon Ranger Records

Girl in Red - Kate is Not Here
Dir: Floria Sigismondi
Prod: Scheme Engine

Smerz - I don't talk that much
Dir: Benjamin Barron
Prod: Object & Animal

Dir: Kenneth Karlstad
Prod: Filmdept.

Rolling Stones - Living in a Ghost Town - shared credits
Dir: Joe Connor
Prod: Just Fred

Gucci x Ssense
Dir: Kristian Engelsen

Dir: Kenneth Karlstad
Prod: Stink London

Kvelertak - Crack of Doom
Dir: Stian Andersen

Flyte - I Still Believe in You
Dir: Kasper Häggström
Prod: Object & Animal

The North Face
Dir: Kasper Häggström
Prod: Object & Animal

Pen Gutt feat. Kaja Gunnufsen
Dir: Håvard Sandvik

Dir: Sebastian Kåss
Prod: Babusjka

The Dreamer
Dir: Kenneth Karlstad
Prod: Frokost Film

Dir: Kenneth Karlstad
Prod: Filmdepartementet


Bio / Resumé

I started doing skateboard films and the fictional skits was
more fun than shooting skateboarding, then I ended up in
the national film school of Norway stealing film and trying
to shoot as much analog film as possible.

I’m super into strong concepts and projects that is
about outside of the conventional box.
I like to dictate the visual language from
the core of the character conveying the story.
Then originality comes forward instead of copying
what’s already been done.

Besides being a film nerd I paint, skate and sail.


2019 – The Dreamer, Dir: Kenneth Karlstad
2019 – Ghetto Justice, Dir: Karen Nikgol                                                                                                                                                        2018 – Gucci x Ssense, Dir: Kristian Engelsen                                                                                                                                                        2017 – Nowhere, Dir: Kristian Engelsen
2016 – Mamma, Dir: Julia Lindström
2012 – Kokoto, Dir: Kristian Engelsen
2012 – Pandreas – Glimt, Dir: Kristian Engelsen

BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Adidas, Infinitum, The North Face, DNB, Red Cross, Telia, FRANZEFOSS, Mc Donald’s, Epoq, Telenor

Girl in red, Smerz,  Kvelertak,  Sludge, Flyte, Micky Ekko, Pen Gutt, Kelly Lee Owens, Chain Wallet

Kenneth Karlstad, Floria Sigismondi, Stian Andersen, Jan Bonny, Jens Schillmöller  Matt Pain, BabyBaby,   Sebastian Kåss, Kasper Häggström, Håvard Sandvik, Babybaby, Karen Nikgol, Julia Lindström, Christian Holm Glad, Andreas Riiser, Josefin Malmen, Andrea Eckerbom, Oyvind Holtmon, Morten Tyldum


Kristian Engelsen, FNF