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Dir: Lisa Langseth
Prod: B-reel films

Dir: Abbe Hassan
Prod: Indian Summer

Dröm Vidare
Prod: 2A FILM

Dir: Beata Gårdeler
Prod: 2a Film

Storytel - 'Read The Way You Want'
Dir: Magnus Härdner
Prod: B-reel Films

Dir: Thora Hilmarsdottir
Prod: Askja Films

The Quest for Presence
Dir: Åsa Cederqvist

Dir: Beata Gårdeler
Prod: Bob Film

Dir: Lena Jordebo
Prod: SVT

Dir: Åsa Riton
Prod: Camp David

Regissören Mai Zetterling
Dir: Lena Jordebo
Prod: SVT

Bio / Resumé

Lisa Holmqvist is a Swedish composer, singer and fine artist. She has been active as a composer/sound artist on her own as well as in collaboration with visual artists, film makers and choreographers such as: Jenny Andreasson, Alexandra Campbell, Åsa Cederqvist, Beata Gårdeler, Mirko Guido, Lena Jordebo, Lisa Langseth, Snejanka Mihaylova, and Jelena Rundqvist.

Under the moniker Liz Heiner, Lisa has released the albums ”Too weak to stop the show” (2005) and ”The Phoenix” (2010). She has also been a singer and co-writer in the bands “NYE” and “Radio LXMBRG”.

In 2016 Lisa won the award for best orginal music at Guldbaggen for the film ”Flocken”. For the same film she was also awarded the Doris Filmgeniprs, the jury desrcibes her work – ”Her composition worries and demands the audience’s full attention to the film’s theme and core and at the same time it’s really unique and incredibly beautiful.”
The documentary ”Vi bara lyder” directed by Fredrik Wenzel won the ”Special Jury Award for Short Documentary” at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam this year.


2017 – Euphoria, Dir: Lisa Langseth / B-reel films
2017 – Dröm Vidare, Dir: Rojda Sekersöz / 2afilm
2015 – Flocken, Dir: Beata Gårdeler / 2afilm


2018 – Martyren, Dir: Ahmed Abdullahi / Bob Film
2017 – Salvation, Dir: Thora Hilmarsdottir / Askja Films
2017 – Guld, Dir: Abbe Hassan / Indian Summer
2013 – Vännerna, Dir: Beata Gårdeler / SVT
2013 – The Quest for Presence, Dir: Åsa Cederqvist
2011 – The Cabinet, Dir: Åsa Cederqvist
2008 – Marbled Fantasy, Dir: Åsa Cederqvist
2006 – Godkänd, Dir: Lisa Langseth / Tre Vänner


2017 – Fallet Kevin, Dir: Dan Josefsson / SVT
2017 – Vi bara lyder, Dir: Fredrik Wenzel / Fasad
2015 – Regissören Mai Zetterling, Dir: Lena Jordebo / SVT
2014 – Ön – Om Nobelcenter på Blasieholmen, Dir: Helene Schmitz
2012 – Knausgård, Dir: Lena Jordebo / SVT


2015 – A Song – vocal piece for 6 voices, performance with Snejanka Mihaylova / If I can’t dance, Amsterdam.
2015 – The Spiritual motherhood Choir piece with Snejanka Mihaylova / Arena del Sole, Bologna.
2015 – A Prayer vocal piece & two flutes, with Snejanka Mihaylova / RED CAT Hotel Theory, Los Angeles.
2013 – Cell performance piece with Alexandra Campbell / Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal


2017 – International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam: ”Special Jury Award for Short Documentary” for Vi bara lyder
2017 – Stora Journalistpriset: Fallet Kevin
2016 – Festival International du film d’Aubagne: Best original music for Flocking
2016 – The Guldbagge Awards: Best original score for Flocking


Lisa Holmqvist