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Represented by Klaara Malmberg
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Dir: Jakob Marky
Prod: Bacon OSL

What will people say - Outtake
Dir: Iram Haq
Prod: Mer Film / Zentropa / Rohfilm

Elliott Footwear
Dir: Jeppe Kolstrup
Prod: Fern.

What We Become - Outtake
Dir: Bo Mikkelsen
Prod: Meta Film

Dir: Jeppe Kolstrup
Prod: fern.

End of Days (Den Sidste Tid)
Dir: Christoffer Dreyer
Prod: House of Real

The Queen of Danish Design
Dir: Isabel Brammer
Prod: Isabel Brammer

The Charmer - Trailer music
Dir: Milad Alami
Prod: Good Company Films

Greyzone - Trailer Music
Dir: Jesper W. Nielsen
Prod: Cosmo FIlm


Bio / Resumé

Martin Pedersen is a Copenhagen-based composer, working on feature films, documentaries, tv-shows and commercials.

Recent work includes the scores for the TV-series ‘Hooligan’. Aired on DR3 in Nov. 2021 and the feature film ‘What Will People Say’ by award winning director Iram Haq – Selected as Norway’s official Oscar nominee 2019 for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’.

His sound is often a hybrid of electronic and acoustic instruments fused with electronically treated organic sounds.

In 2017-2019 Martin Pedersen was awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation to continue his artistic work.

Martin works out of his studio in Copenhagen.

2017 – Hva Vil Folk Si (What Will People Say), Dir: Iram Haq, Prod: Mer Film, Zentropa Sweden, Rohfilm Factory GmbH
2016 – What We Become, Dir: Bo Mikkelsen, Prod: Meta Film

2021 – Hooligan, Dir: Emil Falke, Prod: DR3 – Danish Broadcasting Corporation

2021 – The Queen Of Danish Design, Dir: Isabel Brammer
2016 – End Of Days, Dir: Christoffer Dreyer, Prod: House Of Reel
2014 – Disportrait, Dir: Ulrik Wivel
2010 – My Avatar and me, Dir: Bente Milton & Mikkel Stolt

2021 – Apart, Dir: Jeppe Kolstrup, Prod: Fern.

2018 – The Charmer, Dir: Milad Alami
2018 – Greyzone, Dir: Jesper W. Nielsen

Iram Haq, Milad Alami, Jakob Marky, Jeppe Kolstrup, Bente Milton, Mikkel Stolt, Christoffer Dreyer, Isabel Brammer, Ulrik Wivel, Bo Mikkelsen, 

2022 – Cocoon – (Album – Upcoming release as Green Panda)
2018 – What Will People Say – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2017 – What We Become – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2010 – Reflections (Album release as Green Panda)


Martin Pedersen