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Made by an accident between a Finnish and a German hippie in 1970. Born 1971 in the small town Uppsala, Sweden.

Jallo grew up in and hippie community in the sub-arctic no mans land between Enkoping and Uppsala. He was the only child in the village and his best (and only) friend was a goat named Hilma.

The village had no electricity, no shower and no television.

At 16 he sneaked out of the hairy village to study still photography in Stockholm. It seemed to make sense and maybe it could be something so rewarding that he did not have to get back to the smelly community.

Jallo had the loose idea about the real world being the best school so before starting to shoot features and Tv-dramas the shot hundreds of  commercials and  music videos.

It would also be fair to say that the loose idea was in part based on being rejected from entering the National Film School. He shot his first feature in 2005 and has since then shot 7 features for theatrical release and 7 full length Tv-features  to date. Sometimes he also holds mucho appreciated workshops at the mentioned National Film School.



2022 – Troll, Netflix & Motion Blur, Dir: Roar Uthaug

2020 – Cadaver, Netflix & Motion Blur, Dir : Jarand Herdal

2015 – James Bond “Spectre” (2nd Unit), Dir: Sam Mendes

2012 – 2014 – Gentlemen/Gangsters, Dir: Mikael Marcimain, Feature and 4 x 90 min Tv-series)

2012 – Pioneer, Dir: Erik Skjoldberg

2011 – Tinker Tailor Soilder Spy (2nd Unit) Dir: Tomas Alfredsson

2010 – Jägarna 2 / The Hunters 2, Dir: Kjell Sundvall

2009 – Wallander Arvet / The Heritage, Dir: Mikael Marcimain

2009 – Wallander Vålnaden / The Ghost, Dr: Mikael Marcimain

2005 – Förortsungar / Kids in da Hood, Dir: Ylva Gustavsson/Katti Edfeld



2007 – Dancer from the Future, Dir: Virpi Pahkinen /TV

2006 – Hijacker, Dir: Leila Khaled / Theatrical release



2014 – Reflections, Dir: Adam Randall

2011 – Night / Day, Dir: Anders Jedenfors

2009 – Fever Ray ”Stranger Then Kindness” Dir: Andreas Nilsson

2007 – Köra runt, Dir: Henry Moore Selder

2002 – She is Dead, Dir: Henry Moore Selder



Pioneer, IQ, ATG, SNCF, Apolivia, Ritz, Lipton, Travel Supermarket, Swedish Armed Force, Lufthansa, Mont Blanc, Elgiganten, Coop, EON, Porsche, BMW, Hyundai, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Canal Digital, Emirates…


Christine and The Queens, Fever Ray, Van She, Sabina Ddumba



Andreas Nilsson, Sam Mendes, Alexaner Witt, Fredrik Bond, Stylewar, Tomas Alfredsson, Mikael Marcimain, Mega force, Sniper Twins, Barry Biggs, Henry Moore Selder, Joji Koyama, Woof Wan-Bau, Rane Tiukanen, Jesper Kouthoofd, Wilfrid Brimo, Snorri Brothers, Brian Lee Hughes, Happy, Guy Shelmerdine, Brendan Hearne, Neil Harris, Tomas Skoging, RGB6, Jonathan Herman, Henrik Sundgren, Johan Tappert, Henry Littlechild, Alicia Duffy, Aofie McArdie, Daniel Skoglund, Jordan Bahat, Anders Jedenfors, Micky Suelzer, Parker Ellerman, Aleksander Bach, Oskar Wrangö, Martin Werner, Tom Noakes, Jakob Strom, Vaughan Arnell, Tomas Mankovsky, Erik Skjöldberg, Kjell Sundvall, Adam Randall…


2015 – Guldbagge Awards – Nominee – Best Cinematography – “Gentlemen”
2013 – Chicago International Film Festival – Winner – Best Cinematography – “Pionér”
2010 – Camerimage – Nominee – Best Cinematography in a Music Video – “Fever Ray: Stranger Than Kindness”